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Album Title: Welcome of Sister Yvette
Created Date : 3rd Jul, 2017
Modified Date : 3rd Jul, 2017
Description: Welcome of Sister Yvette
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Album Title: Senior LA Inauguration...
Created Date : 9th May, 2017
Modified Date : 9th May, 2017
Description: Senior LA Inauguration 9-May-17
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Album Title: Assembly on Labour Day...
Created Date : 1st May, 2017
Modified Date : 1st May, 2017
Description: A group song performed by employee of...
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Album Title: 68th Republic Day Celebration...
Created Date : 26th Jan, 2017
Modified Date : 26th Jan, 2017
Description: 68th Republic Day Celebration by Nirmala...
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Album Title: Christmas Celebrations 2016-17
Created Date : 22nd Dec, 2016
Modified Date : 22nd Dec, 2016
Description: Christmas Day was celebrated on 22 Dec...
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Album Title: Children Day Celebration on...
Created Date : 12th Nov, 2016
Modified Date : 12th Nov, 2016
Description: Children Day Celebration on 12/Nov/16
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Album Title: Uttarakhand Sthapana Diwas
Created Date : 9th Nov, 2016
Modified Date : 9th Nov, 2016
Description: Uttarakhand Sthapana diwas was...
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Album Title: Ramayan By Senior On 5/Nov/16
Created Date : 5th Nov, 2016
Modified Date : 5th Nov, 2016
Description: Ramayan By Senior On 5/Nov/16
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Album Title: Special Assembly on Dussehra...
Created Date : 14th Oct, 2016
Modified Date : 14th Oct, 2016
Description: Dussehra celebration was done by Raman...
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Album Title: Teacher’s Day 2016 on 5/Sep/16
Created Date : 5th Sep, 2016
Modified Date : 5th Sep, 2016
Description: As usual 5th Sep was about to prove out...
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Album Title: Special Assembly on 3/Sep/2016
Created Date : 3rd Sep, 2016
Modified Date : 3rd Sep, 2016
Description: Special Morning assembly was conducted...
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Album Title: LA Inauguration of Classes 6th...
Created Date : 7th May, 2016
Modified Date : 7th May, 2016
Description: LA Inauguration of Classes 6th to 12th...
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Album Title: Prayer Meet of Class XII on...
Created Date : 26th Feb, 2016
Modified Date : 26th Feb, 2016
Description: A Prayer Meet was held on 26 Feb 2016...
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Album Title: Class UKG-E assembly...
Created Date : 18th Feb, 2016
Modified Date : 18th Feb, 2016
Description: Class UKG-E assembly performance on...
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Album Title: Annual Function 2015-16...
Created Date : 12th Dec, 2015
Modified Date : 12th Dec, 2015
Description: The School celebrated its Annual...
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Album Title: Celebration of Uttarakhand...
Created Date : 6th Nov, 2015
Modified Date : 6th Nov, 2015
Description: Uttarakhand Diwas 2016
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Album Title: U.S.M Meet Indore on...
Created Date : 10th Aug, 2015
Modified Date : 10th Aug, 2015
Description: Nirmala Convent Sr. Sec....
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Album Title: Special Assembly on Mother...
Created Date : 4th Sep, 2014
Modified Date : 4th Sep, 2014
Description: Special Assembly on Mother Brigida Week...
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Album Title: Special Assembly by Class X...
Created Date : 27th Aug, 2014
Modified Date : 27th Aug, 2014
Description: Special Assembly by Class X students on...
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Album Title: Janmastami Celebration 2014
Created Date : 21st Aug, 2014
Modified Date : 26th Aug, 2014
Description: Special assembly was beautifully...
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Album Title: Wonderland Tour of Moradabad
Created Date : 2nd Nov, 2013
Modified Date : 28th Oct, 2013
Description: Wonderland Tour of Moradabad of classes-...
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Album Title: Orientation Programme
Created Date : 24th Sep, 2013
Modified Date : 21st Sep, 2013
Description: Orientation Programme for parents held...
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Album Title: Annual Day Celebration...
Created Date : 13th Oct, 1993
Modified Date : 20th Jun, 2013
Description: Annual Day Celebration Expression 1993...
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Album Title: Silver Jublee Celebration 14...
Created Date : 14th Oct, 1993
Modified Date : 20th Jun, 2013
Description: Silver Jublee Celebration 14 Oct 1993
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